1-Day Liquid Challenge

1-Day Liquid Challenge

2 Episodes

Let’s do this! We can all do 1 Day of Juices and Smoothies! Even a 1 day liquid cleanse will restart your body allowing you to make changes to your everyday diet. This will help you break old, bad food habits, like eating too much junk food and eating when you are bored.

To be quite honest, when you put good stuff in, the good stuff comes out!!! You’ll be able to go to the bathroom more regularly, eliminating the bad stuff from your body.

Whether you are an amateur or a pro at cleansing, this mild liquid cleanse I have designed for you, is doable for everyone! Think of it as a digestion break, a day to clean out from the inside out. I’ve added smoothies to this day, so you feel satisfied and you won’t be hungry. AND, make sure and drink water in between your drinks! 64oz intake of water on this Liquid Challenge is highly recommended!

Each smoothie and juice has a unique quality and benefit. Everything from a Beauty Smoothie to a Cleansing Juice!

You probably don’t have all of the ingredients listed below, so pick a day this week you want to do the liquid challenge, and make sure you have all of your ingredients before you commit to your day!

Here are the ingredients you will need:

Cleansing Juice:
Golden Beets ( Use red if your market doesn’t have golden)
Granny Smith Apple

Anti Inflammatory Juice:
Granny Smith Apple

Beauty Smoothie
1 Thai Coconut (You can get Thai Coconuts at Whole Foods, your local health food store, or most Asian food shops)
1 Mango

Chocolate Shake:
Almond Mylk
Cashew Yogurt (if you can’t find cashew yogurt, use another variety of plant based yogurt)
Raw, unsweetened, Cacao Powder
Medjool Dates
Cacao Nibs (optional)
Shredded unsweetened coconut (optional)

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1-Day Liquid Challenge
  • Beauty Smoothie

    Episode 1

    Here we go beauties, want that glowing skin? This mango, coconut smoothie is your ticket to more youthful looking skin, and it tastes heavenly! Watch this video to learn all of the beauty benefits from mangos and coconut water and coconut meat. This simple combination is one of my favorite smo...

  • Chocolate Shake

    Episode 2

    This decadent chocolate shake is dairy free, refined sugar free and has a few secret ingredients. Pretty delicious and healthy for a chocolate treat! I have this for dessert, or for a treat after my morning workout. It’s so easy to make, tastes fresh, decadent and heavenly, just how a chocolat...