3-Day Challenge: New to Yoga

3-Day Challenge: New to Yoga

3 Seasons

If you are new to yoga, or have taken a few classes in the past, this is the challenge for you! For 3 consecutive days, commit to this yoga series. We will set the foundation, and confidence needed, to continue your yoga practice. Together we will stretch, tone and strengthen. Taking care of ourselves from the inside out, is the priority in this series.

TIP: Schedule your practice at the same time each day.

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3-Day Challenge: New to Yoga
  • 5 Minute Guided Everyday Meditation

    Episode 1

  • Beginner Flow Class

    Episode 2

    If you are new to yoga or want to brush up on the basics, this 30-minute class is for you! I give you my secrets and tips I’ve learned from years of practicing yoga. You will gain confidence and a solid foundation for a beautiful yoga practice. We will go through a sequence of poses, twists, bala...

  • Lead Sivasana

    Episode 3

    I invite you to add this lead, 10 minute sivasana to the end of your practice. I guide you through this calming final pose, for all of your cells, nerves, muscles and joints, to benefit from yoga. The more calm and quiet you can keep your mind, the more beneficial. Lots of people skip Sivasana,...