3-Day Challenge: Take It To Next Level

3-Day Challenge: Take It To Next Level

3 Seasons

Do you want to take your yoga practice to the next level? My 3 Day Challenge will progress your practice, and give you the tools to sustain a more advanced practice. Get ready to sweat, burn, and learn my advanced secrets!
Each day, includes a 15 minute Pure Core session. Press Play, and complete the entire series in 3 consecutive days to get maximal benefits.

TIP: Do this 3 Day Challenge with your favorite yoga buddy to stay on point!

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3-Day Challenge: Take It To Next Level
  • Intermediate Power Yoga

    Episode 1

    My power yoga is super strong, with slow burns, push ups, inversions, balances, backbends and challenging core exercises. You won’t find any quick, hectic movements; only deep challenging precise movements! Join me for this active, electrifying fun practice!

  • Headstand Progression

    Episode 2

    Headstand is one of the first inversions most people learn in yoga. I will take you from beginner, to advanced variations in this 15 minute tutorial. Once you can stand on your head with ease, balance and consistency, you will realize that all the other inversions are built upon the headstand. ...

  • Activate Your Core

    Episode 3

    This fiery, continuous 15 minutes of ab work is no joke! We will do scissors, many different variations on the basic sit up, twists with pumps and flexibility challenges while adding ab exercises. Are you ready? Let ’s do this!