3-Day Challenge: Tone & Stretch

3-Day Challenge: Tone & Stretch

3 Seasons

This 3 Day Challenge is all about Toning and creating long lines throughout the body. By lengthening the muscles, we create a long lean physique. With the help of light weights, our own body weight, and stretching exercises, this series is a full body challenge!

TIP: Have 2 or 3 pound hand weights available.

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3-Day Challenge: Tone & Stretch
  • Stretch That Body Flow

    Episode 1

    This 30-minute flow will stretch your limbs and internal body, while keeping a constant flow. We will practice some flowy hip openers,oblique stretches, pumping psoas openers, and heart openers. I throw in a few back bends to get the front body length. Enjoy this full body stretch class!

  • Hamstring Stretch

    Episode 2

    Open Hamstrings are the gateway to advanced poses. My simple 15 minute hamstring stretch, will take your practice to a new level. We work everything from ankles, calves, backs of knees to hamstrings, to master the full hamstring stretch pose- the splits.