5 Day Advanced Yoga Challenge

5 Day Advanced Yoga Challenge

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OK Yogi’s, it’s time to start incorporating challenges in your practice. If you do the same thing everyday, you get the same results everyday. Let’s step out of our safe zone, and add some challenging poses, that will test your stamina and advance your practice!

This special 5 Day Advanced Yoga Challenge is for the more experienced yogi, who has been practicing for at least 2 years. Everyday is not a full on power day; even for the most advanced. I am sharing with you my personal practice! This is what I do as an advanced practitioner.

ADVANCED PRACTITIONER TIP #1: Take it to another level:
In addition to this 5 Day Challenge, I highly recommend that EVERYDAY of this challenge you “cross train”. Go for an hour walk on the beach, ride your bike along the boardwalk, swim in the pool or ocean, play tennis, hit a bucket of balls at the driving range… Do another physical activity along with your yoga to maximize this challenge!

ADVANCED PRACTITIONER TIP #2: EVERYDAY I practice the Handstand Drills and the Forearm Tutorial! If you want to fully practice like me, I do both of these at the beginning of every practice. On Day 3, I am adding them into the challenge, to give you a taste of my routine, even if you choose not to add these everyday!

Day 1: Graceful Intermediate Flow
Day 2: Ultimate Yogi Nora Practice + Sivasana
Day 3: Handstand Drills + Forearm Balance Tutorial + Stretch and Burn for Athletes
Day 4: Inversion Flow + Sivasana
Day 5: Yin Yoga

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5 Day Advanced Yoga Challenge
  • Graceful Intermediate Flow

    Episode 1

    This consistent, graceful yoga practice, will take your yoga to the next level. With grace, poise, balance, inversions and extreme stretches, you will have a well rounded, versatile practice. Paying attention to detail, while being graceful and fluid, leads to a more centered, advanced practice...