5-Day Stay Calm Yoga Challenge

5-Day Stay Calm Yoga Challenge

5 Seasons

Congratulations! You have made a positive decision to calm down, and put yourself in a peaceful place for this challenge! Yes! Putting ourselves in a peaceful place day after day is a challenge!

Yoga is the path of self discovery and acceptance. Yogis believe if you know yourself through and through, the real, deep, honest, no-frills you, your life is more peaceful and purposeful. A life of ease and purity, is a life of a yogi.

I created this special 5 Day practice with you in mind. There is no pressure and no self conscious vibes. Think of it as a personal journey; it’s nobody’s business but yours. We are all here to better learn how to take care of ourselves from the inside out.

Please follow these 5 Days in a row, without adding more or doing less. Some days are easier than others, and that’s intentional. Yoga is not a race. Trust the process, and know you are giving yourself the biggest gift of a lifetime! I’m super excited for you! Thanks for practicing with me!

Day 1: Awaken The Spine + 20 Minute Morning Medittion
Day 2: Goodbye Neck and Shoulder Pain +Low Back Love
Day 3: Whole Body Stretch + Lead Sivasana
Day 4: Positive Attitude Warm Up
Day 5: Beginner Flow Class + Lead Sivasana

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5-Day Stay Calm Yoga Challenge