7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 Seasons

This is a full a week of taking care of yourself, pampering yourself and being kind to yourself. Each day you will do a yoga class with Nora and then head into the kitchen to make something wonderful!

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats
  • Goodbye Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Episode 1

    These simple, stretchy movements, will rid you of your neck and shoulder pain. Through shoulder and neck rolls, arm extensions, and low back arching and rounding, the tension in your upper body starts to disappear. This easy 15 minute class is a great relaxing way to ease stress and tension.

  • Beauty Smoothie

    Episode 2

    Here we go beauties, want that glowing skin? This mango, coconut smoothie is your ticket to more youthful looking skin, and it tastes heavenly! Watch this video to learn all of the beauty benefits from mangos and coconut water and coconut meat. This simple combination is one of my favorite smo...