7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 Seasons

This is a full a week of taking care of yourself, pampering yourself and being kind to yourself. Each day you will do a yoga class with Nora and then head into the kitchen to make something wonderful!

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats
  • Stretch That Body Flow

    Episode 1

    This 30-minute flow will stretch your limbs and internal body, while keeping a constant flow. We will practice some flowy hip openers,oblique stretches, pumping psoas openers, and heart openers. I throw in a few back bends to get the front body length. Enjoy this full body stretch class!

  • Brownie Bites

    Episode 2

    From one chocolate lover to another, these are the best brownies ever! Homemade chocolate brownie bites are so easy to make, and nothing but wholesome ingredients are in this recipe. Store bought brownies can have a lot of refined sugar, food dyes, milk powders and ingredients you can’t pronou...