7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 Seasons

This is a full a week of taking care of yourself, pampering yourself and being kind to yourself. Each day you will do a yoga class with Nora and then head into the kitchen to make something wonderful!

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats
  • Morning Routine

    Episode 1

    This practice is filled with maximum extension to get air and space to your internal organs and clarity to your mind. I pair this with some brisk movements, of strength, upper body opening, and strengthening balances. This 30 minute practice is packed with stretch and strength challenges. A wo...

  • Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

    Episode 2

    This beautiful combination of strawberries and yogurt, make a rich, thick colorful smoothie! I always choose a non-dairy yogurt, to keep the recipe vegan, and in this recipe, coconut yogurt is the yogurt choice. With all of the dairy-free yogurts out on the market, I like to add them to make r...