7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats

7 Seasons

This is a full a week of taking care of yourself, pampering yourself and being kind to yourself. Each day you will do a yoga class with Nora and then head into the kitchen to make something wonderful!

7 -Day: Self Love Yoga and Vegan Treats
  • The Simple Basics

    Episode 1

    We are digg’n into the basics! Working alignment through sun salutes, stretches, standing and seated poses. I give options every step of the way. Practicing with grace, poise and breath, is key to a long lasting yoga practice. We move at a consistent, no rush pace that encourages maximum awar...

  • Cleansing Juice

    Episode 2

    Wanna have a mini Cleanse? This is a perfect juice that hydrates, nourishes and tastes great! I chose the cleansing Cucumber, as our base for this juice because it has a high water content, high in nutritional value and low in calories. I also have more gut cleansing ingredients like golden be...