Newest Classes

Newest Classes

Every Monday, I will add a new class or episode for you to enjoy!

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Newest Classes
  • Neck and Shoulder Opener

    Do you spend too much time at a desk or looking at a phone? Then you need this 8-minute video! It will help open you up and promote improved posture.

  • Sweet Gentle Yoga Flow

    Join me outside for a sweet gentle yoga flow!

  • 15 Min Booty Burn

    Quick and intense without any equipment that targets your butt! Get that booty burning combining some basic yoga poses and some butt burning exercises, we emphasize the glutes through repetition, to get an amazing workout!


    Don't have enough time for a full practice? Use this 15-minute power yoga to get the job done!

  • Banana Strawberry Split Smoothie

    You will feel like you are having dessert when you drink this healthy smoothie.

    1 1/2 Cup Almond Milk
    1 1/2 Cup Bananas
    1 Cup Frozen Strawberries
    1 Tsp Vanilla Powder
    A small handful of vegan chocolate chips

    Add all ingredients except for the chocolate chips to a blender and blend for ...

  • Whole Body Stretch

    In 15-minutes we are going to stretch your whole body leaving you feeling refreshed and alive!

  • 5 Minute Abs

    Let's get right in and dig in and work on our abs! This is an intense 5 minutes of a core workout!

  • Questions & Answers with Nora (Episode #1)

    I love getting questions from everyone! In this video, I sit down to answer the most common questions from where do I get my protein from do I drink alcohol and lots more!

    There are a lot of questions answered in this video. Below you will find a list of questions with timestamp in case you a...

  • Chisel and Tone with Light Weights

    Here’s an additional practice to add to your yoga! With light weights, we are defining our muscles. This is a great practice to do 3 times a week to strengthen the body for advanced yoga poses. These basic movements will have you strong and confident in handstands, headstands and forearm balan...

  • Self Care Deep Stretch

    This 30-minute class is all about taking care of ourselves with some loving, nurturing deep stretches. Beginners and advanced students will benefit from this class.