Non-Bake Off Challenge

Non-Bake Off Challenge

2 Episodes

It's true! I love my desserts. But I don't like the store bought sweets that are loaded with refined sugar, salt and preservatives. That's why I always make my own. All of my recipes are super easy, quick and are mouthwatering delicious! I highly recommend that you make your own desserts whenever possible because you will always know 100% what the ingredients are inside. Plus, desserts always taste better when you make them yourself!

A lot of us bless our food while preparing our meals, and also give thanks right before eating. Here is a quick video I made for you on blessing your food.

Here are my top 2 Non-Bake Off Goodies!

Tahini Drops
Brownie Bites

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Non-Bake Off Challenge
  • Tahini Drops

    Episode 1

    With just 3 ingredients, these drops of goodness can be made in 5 minutes. These beauties will be your new favorite go to dessert! Since Tahini is 100% Sesame Paste, it’s a great alternative for people with nut allergies. The consistency of Tahini is similar to Peanut Butter, without the nuts!...

  • Brownie Bites

    Episode 2

    From one chocolate lover to another, these are the best brownies ever! Homemade chocolate brownie bites are so easy to make, and nothing but wholesome ingredients are in this recipe. Store bought brownies can have a lot of refined sugar, food dyes, milk powders and ingredients you can’t pronou...