3-Day Challenge: New to Yoga

3-Day Challenge: New to Yoga

3 Seasons

If you are new to yoga, or have taken a few classes in the past, this is the challenge for you! For 3 consecutive days, commit to this yoga series. We will set the foundation, and confidence needed, to continue your yoga practice. Together we will stretch, tone and strengthen. Taking care of ourselves from the inside out, is the priority in this series.

TIP: Schedule your practice at the same time each day.

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3-Day Challenge: New to Yoga
  • Self Care Deep Stretch

    Episode 1

    This 30-minute class is all about taking care of ourselves with some loving, nurturing deep stretches. Beginners and advanced students will benefit from this class.

  • Stretching in Bed

    Episode 2

    Yoga in Bed is one of my very favorite ways to stretch!

    I have been stretching in bed for over 20 years now. I felt like I couldn’t get stretchy enough on the wood floors, that are in most yoga studios. The floor limits your flexibility because there is a stopping point. I found in bed, I coul...