5-Day Stay Calm Yoga Challenge

5-Day Stay Calm Yoga Challenge

5 Seasons

Congratulations! You have made a positive decision to calm down, and put yourself in a peaceful place for this challenge! Yes! Putting ourselves in a peaceful place day after day is a challenge!

Yoga is the path of self discovery and acceptance. Yogis believe if you know yourself through and through, the real, deep, honest, no-frills you, your life is more peaceful and purposeful. A life of ease and purity, is a life of a yogi.

I created this special 5 Day practice with you in mind. There is no pressure and no self conscious vibes. Think of it as a personal journey; it’s nobody’s business but yours. We are all here to better learn how to take care of ourselves from the inside out.

Please follow these 5 Days in a row, without adding more or doing less. Some days are easier than others, and that’s intentional. Yoga is not a race. Trust the process, and know you are giving yourself the biggest gift of a lifetime! I’m super excited for you! Thanks for practicing with me!

Day 1: Awaken The Spine + 20 Minute Morning Medittion
Day 2: Goodbye Neck and Shoulder Pain +Low Back Love
Day 3: Whole Body Stretch + Lead Sivasana
Day 4: Positive Attitude Warm Up
Day 5: Beginner Flow Class + Lead Sivasana

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5-Day Stay Calm Yoga Challenge
  • Whole Body Stretch

    Episode 1

    In 15-minutes we are going to stretch your whole body leaving you feeling refreshed and alive!

  • Lead Sivasana

    Episode 2

    I invite you to add this lead, 10 minute sivasana to the end of your practice. I guide you through this calming final pose, for all of your cells, nerves, muscles and joints, to benefit from yoga. The more calm and quiet you can keep your mind, the more beneficial. Lots of people skip Sivasana,...