7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7 Seasons

You will be stretching like crazy for 7 days! By the end, you will become more confident and more flexible! You know that I love to stretch, so this series is dear to my heart! Join me for lots of stretchy yoga!

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence
  • The Simple Basics

    Episode 1

    We are digg’n into the basics! Working alignment through sun salutes, stretches, standing and seated poses. I give options every step of the way. Practicing with grace, poise and breath, is key to a long lasting yoga practice. We move at a consistent, no rush pace that encourages maximum awar...

  • Lead Sivasana

    Episode 2

    I invite you to add this lead, 10 minute sivasana to the end of your practice. I guide you through this calming final pose, for all of your cells, nerves, muscles and joints, to benefit from yoga. The more calm and quiet you can keep your mind, the more beneficial. Lots of people skip Sivasana,...