7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7 Seasons

You will be stretching like crazy for 7 days! By the end, you will become more confident and more flexible! You know that I love to stretch, so this series is dear to my heart! Join me for lots of stretchy yoga!

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence
  • Stretches for Low Back Pain

    Episode 1

    I have devised these stretches to alleviate your low back pain. This class stretches your low back in a gentle way using props. By the end of this 20 minute class, you will feel relief from pain, and be on the journey to becoming stronger and more flexible in your lower back. Practice this cla...

  • Pranayama

    Episode 2

    This ancient breathing technique brings clarity to the mind and calms the nervous system. I will share with you a few different Pranayama exercises that I’ve learned from masters around the world. 5-15 minutes a day, of sitting quietly, practicing Pranayama, can change your internal composition...