Dance Your Body Awake

Dance Your Body Awake

3 Episodes

This special series is hosted by my dear friend, and our first guest teacher, Jody Mountain. Stretch your body awake, brings awareness to your body on a deep, cellular level. The body movements in this series are a wonderful compliment to our yoga practice. Join Jody and me, on this dance-infused series!

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Dance Your Body Awake
  • Dance Your Body Awake: Dance Warm Up

    This dance warm-up is all about moving the body, and having fun with it! Jody is a great instructor, who guides us all in this flowy warm-up series,

  • Dance Your Body Awake: Floor Bar

    You’ve heard of bar classes? Try this bar class on the floor with me. For toning and sculpting, this class is way more challenging than it looks! Jody’s articulate teachings, keep all of us on our toes!

  • Dance Your Body Awake: Guided Relaxation

    Relax and let go of any tension in the body and mind with this beautiful guided meditation. Jody Mountain guides Nora in a deep, tranquil relaxation.