7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7 Seasons

You will be stretching like crazy for 7 days! By the end, you will become more confident and more flexible! You know that I love to stretch, so this series is dear to my heart! Join me for lots of stretchy yoga!

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence
  • 7-Day-Flexibility-Confidence

    Episode 1

  • Hamstring Stretch

    Episode 2

    Open Hamstrings are the gateway to advanced poses. My simple 15 minute hamstring stretch, will take your practice to a new level. We work everything from ankles, calves, backs of knees to hamstrings, to master the full hamstring stretch pose- the splits.

  • Splits In Bed

    Episode 3

    Wanna learn splits the quick and easy way? I learned splits by practicing in bed with the plushness of my bed. That extra give, makes an easier foundation to practice this extreme hamstring stretch. Finding your full splits is a process, that is much easier to learn in bed.