7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence

7 Seasons

You will be stretching like crazy for 7 days! By the end, you will become more confident and more flexible! You know that I love to stretch, so this series is dear to my heart! Join me for lots of stretchy yoga!

7-Day: Gain Flexibility and Confidence
  • Goodbye Neck and Shoulder Pain

    Episode 1

    These simple, stretchy movements, will rid you of your neck and shoulder pain. Through shoulder and neck rolls, arm extensions, and low back arching and rounding, the tension in your upper body starts to disappear. This easy 15 minute class is a great relaxing way to ease stress and tension.

  • Morning Routine

    Episode 2

    This practice is filled with maximum extension to get air and space to your internal organs and clarity to your mind. I pair this with some brisk movements, of strength, upper body opening, and strengthening balances. This 30 minute practice is packed with stretch and strength challenges. A wo...

  • Chocolate Shake

    Episode 3

    This decadent chocolate shake is dairy free, refined sugar free and has a few secret ingredients. Pretty delicious and healthy for a chocolate treat! I have this for dessert, or for a treat after my morning workout. It’s so easy to make, tastes fresh, decadent and heavenly, just how a chocolat...